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Holdsport’s journey into the life of an average South African family began in 1986 when the first Sportmans Warehouse opened its doors to the public in Rondebosch, Cape Town. The Group has since become the leading specialist sports and outdoor goods retailer, trading countrywide through the Sportsmans Warehouse and Outdoor Warehouse brands.

The growth of Holdsport has been underpinned by its retail model which ensures that all the stores cover a large area and offer scale, diverse brands and technical expertise. Holdsport pioneered the concept of dedicating a retail environment to the active sporting and outdoor enthusiast, providing customers with quality branded merchandise at competitive prices. Group stores house private in-house labels as well as local and international brands.

Holdsport’s strong and dynamic management team has played a significant role in the development of the company, establishing a formidable footprint in South Africa. The team’s sectoral experience over many years and Holdsport’s ongoing research has ensured that changes in market trends are anticipated ahead of time and responded to in an effective manner that protects the group’s market position and capital base.


Syd Muller,
Chairman of

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